How To Wax A Car: Tips From Detailing Professionals

Today we’re going to go over step by step instructions on the best way to wax your car. This is the same thing we do for all of our customers and we do this for a living. We at T&M Detailing are happy to share the proper way to wax a car with anyone who prefers to do it themselves.

Quick Car Waxing Process Checklist

Here is a very quick checklist on the steps we will be covering today in our in depth tips guide for how to wax your car.

  • Clean Your Car
  • Get Rid of Iron Deposits
  • Claybar the Vehicle
  • Make Sure the Car Isn’t Hot
  • Use Liquid Wax For Quality and Convenience
  • Use Microfiber Towels
  • Circular Strokes and 1 Panel At A Time
  • Remove Dry Wax
  • Apply Multiple Coats

Cleaning The Car

Now the first step to ensuring a finishing wax is done properly is making sure that the car is cleaned. Everyone knows how to wash a car and as long as you’re getting all the visible debris off, it doesn’t really matter what you use to clean it. We do recommend drying it with a microfiber towel once washed.

Get Rid of the Iron Deposits

Now that the car has had its initial wash, you can further clean it, using something like TarX or IronX to get tar and iron deposits that aren’t visible to the naked eye. It may seem like a tedious and unnecessary task since the vehicle appears clean, but we assure you that it’s not. Waxing without this step will seal the tar/iron under the wax which isn’t good for paint in the long run.

The better option, in our opinion, is using a clay bar to further decontaminate the car.

Make Sure You Have A Cool Car

After the car has been cleaned and dried make sure that you do not have it in direct sunlight. You need the car’s surface to be cool to the touch so that the wax doesn’t flash. If a wax flashes it becomes liquid instead of solidifying and it will not bond properly. You need to have a good bond for the wax to last, so make sure that you’re not in direct sunlight and the vehicle isn’t warm to the touch.

Use A Liquid Wax For Quality and Convenience

Paste wax is the absolute best but it’s very difficult to use. Because of this we recommend a high quality liquid wax. It lasts nearly as long as paste wax but is exponentially easier to use. A spray wax is completely inadvisable. It’s thin and doesn’t last long at all, meaning in the long run of keeping your vehicle waxed you’re paying more for a lower quality finishing wax.

Rotary is Recommended By Not Required

You can use a rotary but it’s not required. If you choose to do it by hand make sure to use a microfiber towel. With either implement you choose, you must make sure to apply the wax evenly and in a circular pattern.

Choose a panel, apply three penny sized amounts of your preferred liquid wax and in circular strokes cover the entire panel with a thin cover of wax, then move onto the next panel. Make sure the wax is applied evenly, we cannot stress how important that is. It is also very important to only apply a thin layer. It is much better to apply multiple layers that bond well, than over saturating the car in some places and making it uneven.

Let’s Remove the Dry Wax

Once you get back to the panel you started at, it will be time to remove the dried wax. Using the same order you applied the wax, use a clean, dry microfiber towel to remove the wax. The time it took you to get back to the location you started will be enough time for the wax to dry enough to make a good protective coating without over drying and risking damage to your paint.

Rinse and Repeat The Process

At this point it’s basically a rinse and repeat. We do recommend multiple coats to ensure there’s a good protective layer and impressive shine. Remember, circular motions, even applications and patience will ensure the best quality wax.

In Summary

We hope this helps you if you choose to begin some detailing with your own vehicles, we want everyone to be able to ensure the best care possible for the favorite automobile. If you have questions please contact us, and if this is something you want for your car but don’t have the time for, please make an appointment so we can have the honor of providing the best auto-detailing care possible.

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