How Much Does It Cost to Have Your Car’s Interior Detailed?

Your car has been like your family member for quite some time, riding along with you to make memories with your family and friends or helping you during the emergency situations. Your car also deserves all the pampering and a brand new look from time to time. You might want to get an idea what will it cost you to have your car’s interior detailed, the extra cost you might incur for upgraded services, and what all can be included in your interior detailing. Well, keep your worries aside! We are here to get you sorted on the pricing and the package details. Through this piece of writing, we will help you through each and every aspect of detailing your car’s interior and the cost you might incur to make your car look shinier and brand new.

Cost of having your Interior Detailed

There are a number of factors which determine the price of car detailing services that you available:

The size of the car, The services you intend to use, the age of your car, discounts and seasonal promotions up for grabs and upgraded services.

The basic car detailing services include washing and cleaning the interiors including the carpet, foot mats, mirror, dashboards and the windows followed by vacuuming the interiors to give a swanky look. The basic package can cost you anywhere between $30 to $130 for normal sized cars, between $75 and $135 for an SUV and within $140-$150 for a van.

For $30 you can get your car tidied up within no time which includes window washing and vacuuming the interiors.

Your car faces the maximum brunt of dust, pollution, scratches and the interiors end up gathering dust, debris, stains which not only makes the interior of your car unhealthy but also gives it an old dusty look. If you have kids or used to having your car occupants carry coffee, juice or any food items during the drive, then be ready to have your car spotted with stains in certain places which can be difficult to take it off.

Apart from getting your car spruced up with the basic package, you can go for upgraded services to give your car the extra care it needs to take to the road. The upgraded package consists of using special ingredients to shampoo and condition your carpets and upholstery, changing the air conditioner panel, cleaning the trunk, engine washes, paint sealant, applying stain repellent so that you won’t sweat it out to remove stains in future and many more. Upgrading your car interior detailing services can cost you around $155 to $185 for average sized cars and anywhere above for SUVs, vans and trucks.

The reason we mentioned that sometimes age of the car also matters is because the service provider can charge extra to clean the age old dirt stains and mildew from carpets and foot mats or clean the stubborn grease off the old engines and also the rusted area where the paint has peeled off. These situations will take more time, effort and materials to give your car a stylish and clean look.

Proper steam cleaning or usage of superior wax to polish the interiors, conditioning and vacuuming the carpets to remove excess pet hairs, and removing dents can cost you an additional charge of $50 to $175, depending upon the gravity of the work required to be done in the interiors.

Services you can purchase during interior detailing of your car

Now that you know the pricing range of the basic package and upgraded services, you might want to know the range of services that can come under the purview of interior car detailing so that your car gets the required pampering together with gossamer and new look:

Leather seat treatment

If you use your car incessantly where it is subjected to extended period under the sun, many car service providers would suggest you to get leather seat treatment done which keeps your leather seats supple and as good as new. Leather seat treatment can cost you approximately $100 to $200 depending on the quality of product you want your leathers to be cleaned with.

Window tinting

If you want to go for a cooler interior supporting more privacy, then you can go for window tinting services, but ensure that you do not darken your interiors too much as it might hinder your vision on the road during night time. Basic window tinting can cost $100 which can increase with the increase in quality of the tints. Higher quality, heat rejecting tints can cost anywhere between $100 and $400.

AC Sanitization

Sometimes the AC ducts in your car are filled with dust particles and debris which tends to be harmful for the car occupants. AC duct sanitization services ensure that the ducts are cleaned thoroughly so that more clean air can pass through it. It helps in removing the bacteria and bad odour thereby providing you with fresh cool air.

Other services also include dent removal, application of paint sealant, ceramic treatment, express polish which can be implemented to give your car an upgraded look or feel. The cost of these services depends on the extent and the amount of products to be used.

Related Questions

What do I look for before hiring a car detailing service?

Go through the reviews first. If you are taking the plunge to spend on your car then it should be handled by a pro. Compare the price to features and services ratio the car detailing service providers are offering. This will give you a fair idea regarding who is giving you value for money services. Also, look for offers, cashbacks and membership discounts which you can avail from the service providers.

How often should I get my car’s interior detailed?

If you want to have value for money for your detailing sojourns then we suggest you get your interiors detailed after regular interval of time, let us say every 3 to 4 months. Though, normal car washing and cleaning should be done every day to keep the car dust and contaminant free.

Can I get the same effect within the interior of my car by just washing, instead of detailing?

Washing your car will make it look tidy and rid your car of the dust and loose particles scattered here and there within the interior of your car but if you want your car to be rid of the dust, pet hairs and contaminants which have stubbornly stuck deep into the carpets, foot mats and seats, then you need to go for detailing. Moreover detailing gives you a deep clean with lot of other services which you cannot get by just going for car washing services.

Why is interior car detailing important? Why should I get it done at regular intervals?

Car detailing is not just about giving your car a revamped look. Car interior detailing is important to increase the longevity of your car, maintaining the interior physical condition of the car as well as have a good resale value of your car. If you ignore maintaining the interior parts of your car then it can lead to wear and tear and possible damage in the future which will cost you a lot to get anything replaced in your car.

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