Don’t Overpay at a Car Detail Shop: Average Prices Explained

Your car is nothing less than your best friend whom you take out for a ride, seek out during emergency situations and look forward to bring you and your family together when you go for a journey. It is only natural that you would want to pamper your car and give it all the comfort and care it requires, starting from cleaning, washing, treatments and many more. The question here is, are you overpaying at a car detail shop? Are you shelling out more money than required to give your car a swanky new look? Worry not folks! We are here to guide you on the average prices of car detailing services, and the amount you require to shell out at a car detail shop so that next time you pay a visit there, you don’t end up paying more than you are required to. First of all, let us help you in finding out what are the factors which determine the car detailing prices.

Factors determining the price of car detailing services

Size of the car

It is obvious that you will have to pay more for getting your SUV detailed than an average size car. The price varies according to sizes ranging from average size cars to SUVs and finally to vans and trucks. The basic car detailing can cost you anywhere between $15 to $130 for normal sized cars, between $75 and $135 for an SUV and up to $140-$150 for a van.

The services you want to purchase

There is no shortage of services which you can get for your car. If you want to pamper your car, you can start with a simple washing, polishing and then go up to giving your car a leather seat treatment, painting the exterior, AC sanitation, window tinting services to name a few.

Age of your car

Sometimes the service providers charge a bit more if the car is old and used a lot. It will take more time and effort to revamp your car if it is all rusty and needs more work to provide proper maintenance. You can expect the cost of detailing to fall somewhere between $60 and $125 for an old or heavily used car as generally a lot of servicing is required to be done.

Take advantage of offers up for grabs

Many of the car detailing service providers give offers and discounts depending on the kind of services you want. If you have been frequenting to a particular car detailing shop in your locality, then there is a possibility that you might get membership discounts and offers. Sometimes the service providers can give you good discounts if you bring more than one car under their care or if you avail a lot of services together. The discounts usually range from $5 to $60 based on the services, loyalty of the customers and number of cars that are brought under their service. We are here to help you in understanding what all services can come under car detailing so that you have a fair idea regarding what you want and what is paying too much.

Services that come under car detailing

Exterior detailing includes, cleaning, washing and vacuuming the external aspects of the car like tires, windshield, windows, wheels, and the external body of the car. A lot of ingredients are involved in giving a finesse to your car like detergent, wax, polishes, degreaser, paints to name a few.

Interior detailing includes taking care of the interior of the car and giving it a fresh look with the help of services like cleaning, washing, vacuuming, and steam cleaning. It involves carrying out a full sanitation of the seats, foot mats, carpets, windows, mirrors, plastics, vinyl, upholstery and natural fibres. Interior detailing can also involve leather seat treatment, window tinting as a part of upgraded services if you wish to implement them in your car.

Some of the car detailing functionality involves:

Washing and cleaning

It can be done solely with water or without water by using certain chemical ingredients to clean the exterior body of the car as well as the interior flooring, carpets, upholstery and windows. Vacuuming helps in removing all the dust particles, contaminants from the car floor, carpets and seats. Well, you car will look as good as new once it gets a wash-over. The average price required to get your car washed and cleaned is $15. The price can also vary anywhere between $18 and $30 depending on the size of the car and cleaning materials used.

Steam cleaning

It is a deep clean technique to remove the stubborn stains, pet hairs and the dust seeped deep into the carpets and foot mats of the car. Steam cleaning can cost anywhere between $80 and $130 depending on the size of the car. Stain repellents are also used so that it is easier for you to remove a heavy stain with ease, if someone drops something inside your car.

Premium services

Premium services can include polishing your car with superior quality wax to give your car the ultra shine that you have been yearning for. A premium wax service will do good to give your car a new look and you can get it done at a price ranging from $60 to $90. If you have good quality upholstery and leather materials decorating the interior of your car, then you need premium quality upholstery cleaning ingredients to give your car a grand look. The cost of getting your car upholstery cleaned with premium ingredients and detergent can range from $45 to $75. Also, additional services like dent removal, spray painting the rusted or scratched part of your car, can cost you anywhere between $50 and $150. This might vary depending upon the extent of damage and the quality of products used.

Price Range Overview

Here is a list of services and their approximate cost which can give you a fair idea of overall car detailing aspects:

  • Custom Hand Wash$30-$50
  • Mini Detailing$35-$40
  • Wash and Tires$45-65
  • Express Wax$55-$75
  • Interior Vacuuming and Washing$35-$50
  • Polymer Wax With Clay$110-$150
  • Leather Clean/Treatment$95-$125
  • Complete Interior/Exterior Detail$275-$325
  • Engine Steam Clean$275-$300
  • Dent Removal$75-$150
  • Odor Removal and Perfuming$55-$75

Related Questions

How to get as many services as possible within a reasonable price?

We do love to get more for less money, don’t we? If you are desirous of cost cutting on your car detailing without compromising on the services, then start with comparing the prices of all the car detailing service providers and go for the most reasonable ones. Your next step should be to use discounted or relatively cheaper ingredients which will serve the purpose of detailing your car but will save some extra bucks in your pocket. These small measures will help you in cutting down the cost of your car detailing. But long term it is best to consider thingking about per dollar savings. Using higher quality products means you’re less likely to have the vehicle needing maintenance as often and that can be beneficial as well.

How much do additional services like painting the car or changing leather seats can cost?

Painting cost can vary depending on whether you just want a touch up with a single coat of paint or you want to repair the dents and scratches and use good quality painting for your car. A single coat of paint can, on an average, cost you of $560, and can range anywhere between $300 and $900 depending on the size of your car.

Dent removal and painting services will cost you more. You can expect to get a bill of $1000 to $3500 for using good quality paint and providing proper maintenance services, with the average price being pegged at $1500. The price range, as usual, will vary according to the paints used and the size of your car.

If you want to revamp the upholstery of your car like replacing the former seat material, adding foam, cleaning and putting on fresh leather seats, then it can cost you at least $200 to $750 per seat depending upon the quality of leather.

We have tried to give you a comprehensive list of car detailing services and the cost you might incur in availing those services. Hope this article has helped you in understanding your requirements and hopefully you are on your way with your car to get it the love and care it deserves without overpaying or pinching a hole in your pocket.

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